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I’m headed on a short vacation this weekend, so there will be no PC or console gaming for me—I don’t plan to haul my PlayStation out to the beach. Instead, the only game device I’ll have is my phone, so it’s a good thing I recently found an iPhone game that has me hooked. It’s called Wordament Snap Attack, and it’s basically Speed Scrabble. In each two-and-a-half-minute round, you get a Scrabble-esque board—with a few words already placed—and a rack of seven letter tiles. The object is to play off the existing words, using your tiles to form not just single words but also, if you’re any good, elaborate high-scoring configurations of multiple words.

There’s more of a learning curve to Snap Attack then there is for the original, Boggle-like Wordament, which I’ve covered in the past. But after a half-dozen rounds, you should be able to pick it up, and then you may find yourself itching to climb up the global leaderboard. Yes, Snap Attack is a massively multiplayer word game, and at the end of each round, your score is tallied up against other people who were playing—everyone gets the same board and letters—to give you a precise measure of your relative greatness or inadequacy. (The studio that makes the game is called You Vs. The Internet for a reason.)


Those are my modest gaming plans for the weekend. As always, share yours in the comments!

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