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We’re live-chatting the E3 2015 Nintendo Direct announcements

Nintendo doesn’t do a full-on stage presentation at E3 anymore. Instead, it holds a “digital event” in the form of an E3-centric Nintendo Direct webcast. And frankly, these are more fun anyway. Today’s broadcast will likely bring a preview of all the Amiibo figurines that, in the coming months, will sell out within five minutes of going on sale. Tune in and get a head start on the consumerist frenzy!

Watch the Twitch stream and send us your hilarious, insightful real-time commentary in the live chat window below—as usual, we’ll be publishing your chatter alongside our own. And remember to use the #avcE3 hashtag on Twitter to automatically feed your tweets into our (moderated) comment stream for inclusion in the live chat.

Live Blog Nintendo Direct E3 2015


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