Screenshot: EA

Hello, Gameologerewskis, and welcome to our weekly thread for the discussion of weekend gaming plans and recent gaming glories. With Breath Of The Wild finally out of my system (you have been keeping up with my dispatches, haven’t you?), I’ve dove straight into my next mammoth game for review, and that’s Mass Effect: Andromeda. It won’t be officially out until next Tuesday, but reviewers have had it for a while and a decent chunk of it is currently available to EA Access subscribers. Now, you may have heard the game has some issues. I’ve only played for around a dozen hours so far, and yeah, it’s been a very strange experience: stilted animation, stilted writing, stilted delivery, stilted camerawork, stilted missions. I guess what I’m saying is the whole thing is stilted as all get out. The gunfights have been pretty fun, though! I can feel the game opening up and getting better, so I’m going to go ahead and withhold judgment for now. I’ll have more to say about Andromeda next week, but in the meantime I’ll leave you with this brilliant YouTube video that just says so much about the state of this thing.