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Oh, would you look at that. It’s Friday again, and you know what that means: It’s time we gather around that great Disqus hearth to share our weekend gaming plans and regale your fellow Gameologerinos with tales of our recent gaming glories. As mentioned last week, I did start digging into the World War I chaos of Battlefield 1 and found its single-player campaign to be shockingly reverent and moving so far. I’ll have more thoughts on that next week. This weekend, though, I’m very excited to dip into Titanfall 2, which just came out today.


I loved the multiplayer sessions I sat in on back at E3—there’s an unparalleled speed and fluidity to it—but I’m focused on tearing through the game’s story mode before I hop online. I’ve played the first hour or so, and it’s been a delightfully goofy treat. It’s as much a first-person platformer as it is a shooter, which makes sense given your character’s acrobatic abilities, and the tighter, more closely authored levels give you a brilliant sandbox to play in. As for the story itself, the developers at Respawn are aiming to tell a semi-serious buddy tale that focuses on the bond between your human character and the giant killer robot they pilot. They’ve definitely taken a few cues from the Steven Spielberg school of relationship building, and I’m fully onboard for seeing where it goes. Now it’s your turn, friends. What are you playing this weekend?

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