Screenshot: Capcom

Hello, Gameologitrons, and welcome to our weekly thread for the discussion of weekend gaming plans and recent gaming glories. This weekend, I plan to continue my strategy of not playing Final Fantasy XV until I really have the time to commit to it (which might be a great thing considering the news that Square Enix plans to release significant updates that add more story and alter its weakest chapters). And with The Last Guardian in the rearview, I’m poised to dig into this week’s other major release, Dead Rising 4. I was a fan of the last game in Capcom’s off-kilter zombie-slaying series, but that came before the industry settled into its ceaseless glut of open-world games. I imagine if I went back now, with the sandbox fatigue I’ve been feeling in the last few years, my reaction might be a little different. But I’m going into Dead Rising 4 with a desire for nothing more than some mind-numbing undead massacres. Plus, the game is set at Christmas time and a bit of seasonal gaming is always welcome. So, dear readers, what are you playing this weekend?