Sam Nelson returns for the final installment of The Digest this month, and we’re talking about The Yawhg. It originally came out last year, but it was released on Steam in February, so we’re looking at it now. The Yawhg is essentially a Choose Your Own Adventure book in video game form, and while that may sound drab, this game has lively writing, a sophisticated storybook art style, and countless tiny surprises.

Late Night Snack—the official Ben & Jerry’s ice cream of Jimmy Fallon—is the last entrant in our weeklong ice cream/frozen yogurt BATTLE OF THE LATE-NIGHT STARS. Will the potato chip chunks in Fallon’s flavor win out over the waffle cone bits that delighted us in Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream? There’s only one way to find out. I mean, I suppose I could just tell you in the text here. But I’m not going to, so yes, there’s just the one way.


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