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Ages ago, fair Ruto was splendid,
Accord to legend, ’twas an oasis.
Now, as you know, that era has ended,
Fallen, we have, from sages’ good graces.
When first the ChuChus did enter our wood,
Quiv’ring baubles of both hate and jelly,
Surrounding, confounding our village good,
With fierce ankle bites and trails so smelly.
I daren’t go south without a candle,
’ere long the darkness force my knees buckle,
Yet wax-smith’s wares were lost to that vandal,
A fearsome beast they call Iron Knuckle.
—Need us a hero to cease this terror.
I know this to be true. I am Error.


The town of Darunia: mountain, stone—
A quiet village ’ere the darkness rose.
Here I stand guard, by myself, all alone.
Horror doth lurk, and we suffer its throes.
A child was stolen from place that he plays
Though we have suspicions where he’s been hid.
I cannot quest—that island is a maze.
To abandon post, I strictly forbid.
We must work together! None of us yield.
The old man does blather of a technique.
He says “this magic will strengthen a shield.”
We will not lay down. We cannot be meek.
—I keep the door locked, I wish not to die,
Though alone I know to stab toward sky.



To visit is strange, it is deserted.
The town of Kasuto we did vacate.
Invaders with intentions perverted,
The horrible Moas, we did placate.
Invisibly, still, they wander about,
Revealed to emblem true of Sunday mass.
Our village remains yet, prepared to scout,
Unearth’d by pounding hidden patch of grass.
Our secret, a key to loose any door,
A gift of great faith, folding hand-in-hand.
Its uses, many. Oppressors, far more.
I fear many villains drift ’cross the land.
—Aid our hero to tear them asunder
By teaching him magics we call Thunder.



Bridge to Death Mountain I guard on my life.
Town of Saria: town above water.
Easily, it seems, succumbing to strife,
Visitors, natives, lambs to the slaughter.
Heed ye this warning, and hear my words true.
This town is swarming with the dark beast’s spies.
Advice: never trust a woman in blue.
Awaken an ache, they tell only lies.
A woman frightened. Great power rests here.
She shan’t help until her mirror’s been found.
They seek a secret: Magic so severe,
A spell allowing heart’s will to rebound.
—Plan to visit? Permission deliver,
As only town folk may cross this river.



Please, my daughter is sick. Help her, I plead.
We haven’t resources where we reside.
Harbor town of Mido, terrible need,
Cut off from outsiders since the landslide.
Rumors, I’ve heard, of this ailment before.
Treat her condition sooner than later.
The water of life is what shall restore,
Guarded, you see, by men of part gator.
The swamp is their home, they take advantage
Technique is required. Listen and trust
Swordsman in town has skills you can manage,
Encounters uncountered, his downward thrust.
—Magics as payment, this errand perform,
As into a fairy you shall transform.

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