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The Murder Report returns to tally Microsoft’s E3 body count

The Murder Report tallies the onscreen kills in the console makers’ E3 press events.


E3 is well underway, which means that it’s time for our annual accounting of video game slaughter, the Murder Report! As usual, Microsoft is up first. Those rapacious Redmond rascals always set a high bar for their competitors—Microsoft topped our slaughter charts in 2012 and again in 2013. How many lives did the Xbox team manage to snuff out this year? Watch the video to find out.

Sam Barsanti is crunching the murder numbers for the 2014 E3 events, and he passed along a brief breakdown of his data. Sam says:

The big culprits in the Xbox presentation were Sunset Overdrive with 54 deaths, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare with 29, Fable Legends with 25, and Assassin’s Creed Unity and Dead Rising with 23 apiece.

I counted Sunset Overdrive’s mutants as non-human—I figure they’re not human anymore. Dead Rising didn’t have too many, since we only count zombies that we actually see die, and there were a few distant explosions. You couldn’t really see much.

There were a surprising number of games that had barely any kills, but most had at least three or four. My personal favorite was the lady getting hit with the rock in Assassin’s Creed, because it just seemed mean and random.


Thanks, Sam! Sony’s up next, so stay tuned.

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