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The first footage of Telltale’s Batman game emerges from the shadows

Telltale Games—the studio behind the acclaimed Walking Dead games and about a million other episodic series over the last few years—has kept its upcoming Batman game under wraps since it was announced last December. Outside of promising it will focus on the dynamic between billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and his more violent alter ego, we haven’t seen or heard anything. Today, the powers that be finally lit the Bat-Signal and summoned the first trailer for the game’s season premiere.


The short clip gives us a glimpse at Telltale’s rendition of several classic Batman characters, like Alfred, Harvey Dent, and Catwoman. There’s not much by way of solid plot, though. From the looks of things, Dent is running for mayor of Gotham and got mixed up in some shady business with the Falcone crime family, dragging poor Bruce into yet another pickle while he’s busy worrying about some scruffy looking fellow who ominously claims “a revolution is knocking on Gotham’s door.” The first episode of Telltale’s Batman is set to launch August 2 on pretty much every modern device that plays video games and isn’t sold by Nintendo, and the developer is aiming to have the rest of the season released by the end of 2016.

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