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The Doom trailer boldly recommits to demon murder

Eleven years after the release of Doom 3, and more than seven since its initial announcement, Bethesda last night finally revealed more than 10 seconds of the game once known as Doom 4. The all-new, all-search-engine-confusing Doom is being touted as a return to the frenzied action that the series is most well known for. The trailer—as well as the close to 15 minutes of footage that Bethesda showed last night—seems to back up that claim, as the Doom guy murders his way through classic Doom environments like “confusingly designed military base” and “Hell, but on Mars” using such iconic Doom weapons as a shotgun and a shotgun with two barrels. It’s not all old school, however, as the trailer features a bit of the game’s verticality—and the mantling that comes with it—and a lot of the brutal demon executions that seem to happen constantly if the released clips are any indication.

Doom is slated for release in spring 2016 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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