Sam Nelson returns to the Digest guest chair for our chat-’n’-chew review show this month, and first we’re talking about Jazzpunk. The Gameological critic who reviewed Jazzpunk, Steve Heisler, got some laughs out of the game but found it too insubstantial. Once I played the game, it wasn’t hard to see where Steve was coming from, but I had a different reaction. While it’s certainly esoteric, the weird, disparate pieces are bound together by a voice that’s self-mocking and not self-indulgent. Sam didn’t entirely agree.

This week for our digestibles, we’re having a BATTLE OF THE LATE-NIGHT STARS. I noticed that Ben & Jerry’s has three flavors that feature late-night personalities: the Jimmy Fallon-inspired Late Night Snack, Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream, and Liz Lemon Greek frozen yogurt (starring  Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey). You probably noticed this a long time before I did. In any case, it’s time to find out which LATE-NIGHT STAR is the most delicious of all, and Stephen Colbert is off to a strong start.