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The caped crusader lays down some hurt in the trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight

Sure, he’s fought his way out of Arkham Asylum, recovered the cure for the deadly Titan formula, and survived a bounty placed on his head (albeit years earlier), but is Batman ready to take on his toughest challenge yet? That’s right, the caped crusader has to overcome the paralyzing threat of diminished expectations, caused by the underwhelming Batman: Arkham Origins. Thankfully, series originator Rocksteady Studios is back to take the reins, after handing over development duties to Warner Bros. Montreal for the lackluster prequel game.


With last year’s trailer already having set up much of the storyline—the Scarecrow releases his fear toxin throughout the city, and unites a who’s who of supervillains to take down Batman—this one is all about the action. While it retains most of the fun stuff from previous series installments, one of the big draws here is the introduction of the Batmobile as a driveable vehicle. So although it’s likely this will open up a whole new world of Bat-excitement, there’s always the possibility that each level could culminate in Batman receiving a speeding ticket, if you’re not careful. A sensible Batman is a safe Batman.

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