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Super Glob

In 1983, the console video-game market crashed into a landfill in the American southwest. Arcades were a different story, though, as companies like Universal, Namco, and Williams hit their stride with classics which endure to this day. During this period, independent companies got in on the continuing arcade boom, with conversion packs that gave cabinet owners entirely new games for the price of a few ROMs. Most of these games were real stinkers, but a few, like Super Glob, definitely earned our quarters.

Gameplay: The Glob is a little blue guy who looks an awful lot like one of the ghosts from Pac-Man. Your job is to move him around each level and munch all the snacks before he runs out of energy. Use elevators to move from floor to floor, and your magical glob energy to stick to the ceiling and drop down on The Mob, a spastic little group of frogs, alligators, rabbits, monkeys, and pigs who are out to munch you themselves, or crush you with an elevator.


Could be mistaken for: Beastie Feastie, The Glob

Kids today might not like it because: If they run across the Beastie Feastie version of the game, they'll have to control a glob called Toby. It's really hard to feel tough while controlling a powder-blue character called Toby.

Kids today might like it because: If they run across the Beastie Feastie version of the game, they'll get to control a little glob that looks hilariously like testicles when it hangs from the ceiling.

Enduring contribution to gaming history: Super Glob only ran on Pac-Man hardware, using a conversion similar to Ms. Pac-Man, so Super Glob was typically found in a converted Pac-Man cabinet. Though this took many Pac-Man cabinets out of circulation, it wasn't enough to cure the world of Pac-Man Fever, including the awful Saturday-morning cartoon.


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