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Spider-Man 3

Bugs everywhere are in constant danger of sad deaths, splattered against glass windowpanes. Apparently, the same even holds true for superhero bugs. Maybe that's why playing Spider-Man 3 for the Wii is a lot like slowly picking up a napkin you've just used to squish a spider. You know it's going to look awful under there, with those eight little legs splayed in every direction, but at least that makes it interesting.

The adventure game Spider-Man 3 mostly stays true to the plot of the third movie. As a constantly suited-up Peter Parker, players keep an eye on Mary Jane, tussle with an infuriated Harry, and eventually face the likes of the Sandman with the help of a mysterious black goop. However, the developers have also stuck in new, side storylines, as well as a handful of immensely confusing cutscenes. If you haven't seen the movie, the game's plot is a jumble. Add in a confusing fighting system, which involves both button combinations and some patience-testing wiggles with the Wii-mote and nunchuk (which often accidentally sends players flying off buildings instead of toward their enemies), and you have mediocre gameplay on top of a mediocre plot.

Beyond the game: In all fairness, it's been reported that there are immense differences between the PlayStation and Xbox versions and the Wii release, which apparently has a pared-down storyline and significantly worse graphics.

Worth playing for: Swinging through an immense, free-range Manhattan with the Wii-mote and nunchuk is surprisingly fun.


Frustration sets in when: That same swinging goes awry more often than not, and the graceful Spider-Man smacks face-first into a building.

Final judgment: Spidey senses say, "Feel free to let this one swing on by."

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