Since I got to Chicago HQ last month, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the range of video game tastes among the A.V. Club and Onion staff. The A.V. Club’s film honcho, Alex Dowd, is into survival horror (and the Arkham games, as you learned recently). Over in the ad sales department, account manager Thomas Bloomquist goes in for marathon sessions of Civilization V on his PC. Onion editor Will Tracy got an Xbox 360 last year as part of a concerted effort to get into games, so he’s still figuring out his preferences. I penciled him in for an appearance on The Digest next year.


There are also a bunch of A.V. Club staffers who like to pass around browser games old and new. For her WAYPTW? pick this week, assistant editor Laura M. Browning went with Hedgehog Launch, the animal-launching game that launched a thousand animal-launching games. She plans to fire off a few outer-space hedgehog missiles over the weekend when she’s not working feverishly to ready our year-end coverage. As always, share your weekend gaming plans in the comments!