Other than the Madden series and a few other sports titles, there really aren’t any video games that are in the same position that Call Of Duty is in every year. All the game has to do in order for people to buy it is exist, and an especially good/bad trailer is almost certainly not going to convince anyone whether or not they should/shouldn’t buy it. That being said, this first reveal trailer for Call Of Duty: Black Ops III is still pretty exciting. It has shooting, it has explosions, and it has The Rolling Stones, all of which are pretty standard for a Call Of Duty game, but there’s some interesting new stuff here as well.

For one, it seems like this series is going to continue shamelessly lifting the best ideas from 2014’s Titanfall (the parkour, the big robot), but this time with a little bit of Deus Ex: Human Revolution-style robotic prosthetics thrown in—that machine gun arm is especially awesome. The trailer ends with a nod to the return of the Call Of Duty: Zombies mode and an offer to pre-order the game and get exclusive access to the multiplayer beta. We’re not sure why a game that’s basically the same every year needs a multiplayer beta, but it’ll at least give you a chance to practice your skillz before all of the other n00bz get online.


Black Ops III will be in stores this November.