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Gameological capped off 2012 with our first playable year-end retrospective, and in 2013, we’re back at it. We’ve once again invited a few enterprising developers to render major stories of the year in video game form. It’s the second annual Play The Year celebration!

Today, Cameron Kunzelman pays tribute to Breaking Bad, whose finale was the biggest TV event of 2013. More than 10 million viewers tuned in to see how meth kingpin Walter White would ride off into the sunset—or if he’d even make it to sunset.


Gameological first took note of Kunzelman when we reviewed his browser game Alpaca Run, an unassuming and endearingly goofy game about an alpaca on a transcontinental journey of joy. We were a bit late to the party: Kunzelman has been making idiosyncratic browser games for some time now, and you can sample his oeuvre at his personal archive. (You can also delve more deeply into the mind of the creator, if you dare, on his blog.) Kunzelman decided to apply his puckish spirit and rough-edged aesthetic sensibility to the Heisenberg story, and we’re proud to present the final product.

(Play The Year will take a quick break for Christmas and will return with another game on Thursday.)  

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