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Play hoops against a pudgy, cheating despot in Rodman Vs. Kim: One On One

Our Play The Year celebration now shifts its attention to the year’s strangest diplomatic episode. Dennis Rodman is a five-time NBA champion and one of the league’s greatest rebounders of all time. The erratic Rodman probably would not have been America’s first choice, however, as an envoy to North Korea. With the Obama administration washing its hands of the enterprise, Rodman first visited North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un in February, after which he declared that he and Kim were “friends for life.” Rodman drove home the point by visiting Kim again in September. To commemorate this trans-Pacific bromance, Daniel Bucci whipped up a game depicting how Rodman and Kim might have spent their spare time together.


This year, Bucci also created Cole Slaw, an apparently simple race game that develops into something far stranger—our own Anthony John Agnello called it “an inspired embodiment of toddler rage.” You can play all of Bucci’s games (and read his comics) on his website, Super FTC!.

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