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Persona 5’s new trailer is full of cats, cat burglary, and cool menus

Today, Atlus finally gave us a proper—albeit non-English—look at Persona 5, the next in its acclaimed series of stylish role-playing games/Japanese high-school simulators. It’s got just about everything you’d expect from another Persona: anime scenes, a cute animal mascot (this time it’s a cat instead of Persona 4’s sentient teddy bear), high-school kids hanging out and planning their adventures in an eatery, that recurring character with the giant nose who looks like the bad guy from Phantasm. The trailer even spends an unprecedented amount of time (i.e., any time at all) flaunting the game’s menu screens. But hey, when you’ve got menus that slick, flaunt ’em.


The weirdest revelation here is the cat-burglary motif. The main character looks to be a student by day and gentleman thief by night (or maybe he gets busted by the cops, as seen in the trailer’s opening, and his truant butt is sent back to school). He and his compatriots plan a heist, and we see it play out in the in-dungeon footage, which looks as much like a stealth game as it does your average RPG. And when the demon battles start, everyone gets a fancy burglar outfit—yes, even the cat. Persona 5 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 3 and 4 sometime in 2015.

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