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New Final Fantasy VII trailer suggests the remake might be ready for action

Square Enix has released some new footage of its planned remake of Final Fantasy VII, the massively popular Playstation game that launched the long-running role-playing game franchise from niche success to playground-dominating ubiquity. Unlike the last trailer, which went a little heavy on the game’s apparent “birds and kids on slides” motifs, this one actually shows off a bunch of recognizable scenes from FF VII’s opening sequence, including some footage of what the game actually looks like while it’s being played.

The most interesting thing about the trailer—besides letting fans finally hear the dulcet tones of rotund cannon fodder and inexplicable Star Wars reference Wedge, free to idealistically whine at the world at last—is the apparent shift in gameplay. The original Final Fantasy VII was turn-based, with characters politely waiting for their chance to hit each other with improbably large swords or summon skyscraper-sized dragons to cook their foes. It’s not entirely clear, yet, but the new game looks to be a much looser affair, motion-wise, hewing to the freeform action-RPG stylings of the spinoff title Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. (Certainly, the shift to a behind-the-unlikely-anime-haircut camera supports the idea of a more action-oriented game.)

It’s still recognizably FF VII, though, complete with a riff on the game’s iconic soundtrack, and a brief glimpse at the game’s first boss, a giant, laser-wielding scorpion. (The part where the game used to outright lie to you about the right time to attack this latest development in cyberarachnid security has, presumably, been fixed. We hope.)

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