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Monster Bash

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Remember Monchhichis, those weird little thumb-sucking monkey dolls that were huge in the early '80s? Well, in Monster Bash, you get to control one as it chases classic movie monsters through haunted houses, castles, and graveyards. Exactly why a Monchhichi wants to run through three levels of monster-infested terror is never really explained, but then again, neither was the Monchhichi phenomenon, or much of anything that was popular in the '80s. Hey, you try to explain Katamari Damacy and reality TV in 25 years and see how well you do, tough guy.


Gameplay: Each level has a different monster you must defeat by touching a magic sword and launching a blast of magical-swordish energy at it. However, the magic sword doesn't get magical until you light a candle, and each level includes a diminishing number of candles. This is as exciting as it sounds.

Level one pits you against Dracula in a classic haunted house filled with bats. Level two features Frankenstein and a bunch of werewolves on loan from Pooyan. Level three puts you in a spider-filled graveyard against Chameleon Man, who can become invisible by changing color to match the background, which you can also change by touching magical color discs.

Could be mistaken for: Wizard Of Wor, Space Panic, the 1952 classic Abbott And Costello And Monchhichi Meet Dracula, Frankenstein, And Chameleon Man

Kids today might not like it because: So many monsters, so little blood and gore…

Kids today might like it because: The victory dance your little Monchhichi does at the end of each level is quite possibly the coolest dance sensation to sweep the nation since the Curly Shuffle.

Enduring contribution to gaming history: The appearance of classic horror-movie monsters in a video game eventually helped create the survival-horror genre, which came full circle when Resident Evil and Silent Hill were made into their own movies.


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