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Mads Mikkelsen stars in ridiculous new trailer for Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding

Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima’s actual video games can be a little divisive, but he has an undeniable knack for putting together amazing trailers. In June, he revealed his newest project—a mysterious game called Death Stranding—with an ominous teaser featuring a ton of dead sea creatures and a naked Norman Reedus. At the time, we called that trailer “the weirdest goddamn thing he’s ever done,” but Kojima has just released a new Death Stranding trailer that somehow puts that first one to shame.


At the risk of spoiling the big reveals and surprisingly terrifying imagery, this one includes Guillermo Del Toro (who did say he was planning to work with Kojima last year) carrying a baby in some kind of pod, a tank covered in guts, and an especially spooky-looking Mads Mikkelsen commanding a squad of skeleton soldiers. It’s totally absurd and it still doesn’t provide any actual information about the game, but that’s just what makes a Kojima trailer special.

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