Back in June, Konami finally took the wraps off of Metal Gear Solid V with an impressive demo of the game at E3 that had (Naked/Venom/Kiefer/whatever the heck they’re calling him now) Snake infiltrating a desert encampment. Hideo Kojima’s latest project was back on display at last week’s Gamescom trade show, and today, IGN has released a video of the full demo attendees saw. It’s very similar to the E3 demo. Everything that had us salivating over that one is still present here: the breadth of sneaky options (oh my god, did you see him blow up that helicopter with a flying jeep?!), the pooping horse, the goat balloon, the e-cigar. There are some differences between the two demos, though, that show off how the game will evolve as you play. The developer who’s running the demo notes that enemies will adapt to your playing style, such as putting on bulletproof helmets if you’ve been running shooting everyone in the head.

The real revelation here, though, doesn’t come into play until the last six minutes of the video. In the E3 demo we saw, Snake took off in a helicopter and returned to his home base, an oil tanker-like outpost that stored his collection of stolen soldiers, crates, and wildlife. In this latest version, Snake instead ends up at the home base of another player and tries to steal as much stuff as he can on his way to a predetermined objective. According to the narration, players will be able to build their base and try to secure it from invaders. That means setting up security cameras, drones, and guard routes. In other words, you create your own simple Metal Gear Solid levels using the resources that you’ve gathered on single-player missions, while other players will try to break down your carefully crafted barriers and steal your stuff. At the very end of the demo, we get to see what happens if you catch them in the act. It isn’t pretty.