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Horizon Zero Dawn’s new trailer reminds you there’s more to it than robot dinosaurs

Despite Sony trotting it out at every opportunity for the last few years, Horizon Zero Dawn’s finer points have remained something of a mystery. The latest game from the studio behind Killzone—its first non-Killzone project since 2004—it takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the calamity that wiped out most of humanity and our advanced technology has long past. Now, nature has reclaimed the land and people band together in primitive tribal societies. Oh, and there are robot animals all over the place.


We’ve seen a whole lot of robo-wrangling and running around the game’s vibrant landscapes, but beyond the inventive premise, the developers have been tight-lipped about what the hell is actually going on in Horizon. A new trailer that was released today provides a few answers, and yes, there are also plenty more majestic shots of giant robot dinosaurs.

From the looks of things, Aloy, the game’s hero, leaves home in an attempt to track down the masked baddies responsible for massacring some of her people. Along the way, she discovers those same no-goodniks are reviving ancient machines capable of corrupting the world’s innocent robot critters (which would explain why they’ve suddenly started running amok in the game) and are enacting a scheme that might have apocalyptic implications for this already post-apocalyptic world. Also, holographic Lance Reddick is there. Between this and last year’s Quantum Break, that guy’s digital likeness is really putting in some work. Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be released on February 28 for the PlayStation 4.

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