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We sit in front of our computers most of the day, connected to our friends and co-workers by the series of pipes, strings, and nimbostratus zackets called the Internet. Many times per day, things flash before our eyes—videos, photos, songs, sites—that are funny or strange enough to warrant sharing with other people, but not funny or strange enough for us to write a big ol' post about. We've occasionally posted blogs under the heading Awesome Internet Thing, but that was a boring title, so it never caught on. Genevieve recently suggested a new title—Great Job, Internet!—and thus a new type of blog post is born.

So… All you need to know about this amazing new website is that it's called Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, and it contains a series of images featuring those three things: Tom Selleck, a waterfall, and a sandwich. One example is below. There are many, many more here.

If that's not enough, it appears that the same artiste has started another site dedicated to three other sweet, sweet things: Adrian Zmed, elegant dining rooms, and pack animals.


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