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Sam Nelson is back for this week’s final installment of The Digest, in which we talk about a small puzzle platformer, Escape Goat 2. (As Gameological assistant editor Matt Gerardi noted, this practically demands that we review Goat Simulator on the next Digest.) The game’s website bills it as “the only indie game in 2014 not inspired by Dark Souls, with no rogue-like elements or procedural content.” I appreciate a touch of puckishness, so we gave Escape Goat 2 a try.

Our Nut Butter Slapdown concludes with Wowbutter “peanut butter replacement.” Yes, it’s true, this substance is not a nut butter, quite explicitly so: The label assures concerned parents that the jar is 100-percent nut free. Sam and I tried it with great suspicion.


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