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It's a metal radish! It's a bloated bunny! No, it's a child in a drill suit! Jill is little, but what she lacks in body, she makes up for in drill. Armed with pink hair and her father's aptitude for burrowing, she's off to defeat evil and recover her stolen red diamond. Along the way, she'll drill, drill, and drill some more. Through walls. Through enemies. Through priceless works of art. In her wake, she'll leave a trail of adorable carnage.

Drill Dozer is a platformer with a twist—a new, versatile game mechanic that holds its own long after the novelty wears off. To the question, "What do I do here?", Drill Dozer offers the resounding answer, "Drill!" The idea seems simplistic, but development team Game Freak keeps the gameplay fresh with creative new uses for drills. Reach areas by drilling through tunnels, open doors by drilling cranks, defeat enemies by drilling into their gaping mouths. Yup, Jill is hardcore like that.

Beyond the game: Colorful, iconic graphics and a hearty sense of humor balance out Drill Dozer's silly storyline. Besides, each game cartridge comes with a built-in rumble pack, for the authentic drilling experience. It isn't quite a wild ride, but it sure is a tingly one.

Worth playing for: Ever wondered what lemon Jell-O was really for? Higher jumps, of course! Beware the hypnotic jiggle.


Frustration sets in when: Boss fights can be a crapshoot: easy, hard, or just irritating. One battle even requires attacking a drill… with a drill. That's just wrong.

Final judgment: Strange, adorable, and it vibrates. Who could ask for anything more?

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