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Digital Kevin Spacey’s lifeless gaze stars in latest Call Of Duty trailer

Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare is looking like an over-the-top greatest hits collection of elements plucked from recent shooters. It’s got the jetpacks and mechanized murder-suits of Titanfall, the deadly ground-punching (or kicking, as the case may be) of Destiny, and a hatred of buildings and cars to rival Battlefield 4. But there’s one huge draw that those competitors will never have: Kevin Spacey.

It’s Spacey’s voice and likeness, to be exact. As announced earlier this year, he’ll be portraying the game’s villain, of sorts, the head of a private military corporation who is sick and tired of America’s weakness and decides to spread democracy across the globe using his own forces. The latest trailer (which Activision put out a few weeks ago, but I didn’t spot it until today when it popped up on the PlayStation YouTube channel) offers a new, chilling look at virtual Spacey in action.


It’s a remarkable recreation, really. Just look at those wrinkles and cleft chin. The only thing that’s missing is any semblance of life in his digital eyes. Making things worse and slightly more terrifying is the fact that Spacey is supposed to be angry in his big scene. Everything below space-age Spacey’s nose animates in turn with his outburst, but those dead eyes just keep on staring ahead—empty, haunting, unfeeling.

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