Screenshot: Blaster Master Zero/Nintendo

Hello, Gameologinistas, and welcome to our weekly thread for the discussion of weekend gaming plans and recent gaming glories. If you’ve been following along with my Zelda: Breath Of The Wild review series, you know I’m at the end of that journey. Since writing up Part 3, I did some last-minute preparation and successfully reclaimed Hyrule Castle. I’ll probably head back in to hit up a few of the Shrine quests and weirder things I missed, but without needing to binge on Breath Of The Wild, my weekend is suddenly wide open for something new. I’ve got a copy of Nier: Automata on the way (and Nick Wanserski is feverishly blazing through that gonzo android adventure for our review), but I have to admit, the thing I’m looking forward to most is Blaster Master Zero.

It’s a remake/reboot of Sunsoft’s classic NES game, keeping the original’s hybrid levels—side-scrolling platformer while you drive your jumping tank, overhead shooter when on foot—and pixel-art look while adding some modern flourishes. It just hit 3DS and Switch yesterday, and after more than 60 hours of wandering around Hyrule, I’m hankering for something more simple. And hey, that’s one more game to play on my Switch.