Matt Gerardi
A.V. Club games editor and pin-wearing member of the society since 2012.
Aug 3 2018

Thanks, Matt. You and the team have done a great job keeping the site running through various evolutions (reintegration into AV Club, the infamous Kinjapocalypse, etc.), and yes, I’m sure the site and the community will keep going strong on the foundation you’ve built. Thanks for all your hard work. So what’s next for Read more

Jul 6 2018

We’ve had solid turnout the last two months so Mario Kart 8 and the 8th is continuing on Sunday at 8PM Central.

Jul 6 2018

I just finished up my third Red Dead Redemption playthrough. According to the trophies, I started this playthrough over 4 years ago, as I apparently tackled an Act every two years. And I’m sad to say that while only playing the main missions it’s clear that the game is looking rather old and tired, and not in a

Jul 3 2018

Funny you mention the ludonarrative, because that is something I always found kind of fascinating about Guerrilla. The game presents the player as THE MIGHTY THOR, armed with adamantine hammer, jetpack-assisted flight, and rockets as thunderbolts. No matter how many times he is knocked down, he rises again, coming for Read more

Jun 26 2018

One game I will stump for is Monster Prom. A dating sim that is also a competitive multiplayer. You can do a full run in about an hour, so it’s a good party game. The writing is laugh out loud funny. Because everyone subscribes to an inverted Addams Family-esqe morally, you had better be prepared to do some rather

Jun 8 2018

Should you want to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, friends, well, Mario Kart 8 on the 8th returns tonight, from 8PM Central to 9PM for an hour of Frantic item-driven power.